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WATCH: Biden Admin Repeatedly Praised UNRWA’s 'Essential' Work

At least 12 of the organization’s employees participated in Hamas’s attack in Israel

February 7, 2024

State Department Employee Who Accused Biden of ‘Genocide’ Still Shapes Israel Policy

Israel critic Sylvia Yacoub said Biden has 'blood on hands' over support for Israel

February 6, 2024

Biden Admin Outsources Congressionally Mandated China Threat Report to Undergrads

'This report is literally the opposite of adults being back in charge,' Ted Cruz says

January 24, 2024

Scandal-Plagued Iran Envoy To Teach Yale Course on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Robert Malley on leave after allegedly mishandling classified info

January 19, 2024

Multibillion-Dollar Afghan Fund at Risk of Being Stolen by Taliban, Watchdog Warns

Biden admin placed $3.5 billion in a fund that has made no disbursements and lacks safeguards

January 12, 2024

Biden Admin Advances Plan To Punish Israelis for Alleged Crimes Against Palestinians

State Department says it will impose sanctions on Israeli individuals and families but won't say how it will determine guilt

December 6, 2023