Scaramucci Takes Multiple Questions About Bringing Back On-Camera Briefings, Says 'Maybe'

Anthony Scaramucci / Getty
July 21, 2017

New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci took multiple questions Friday about the Trump administration allowing press briefings to be on-camera again, answering it was a "maybe."

Friday's briefing aired live on all cable networks. It was the first live, on-camera White House briefing since June 29.

Scaramucci spoke to the media in the aftermath of his fresh appointment as communications director and Sean Spicer's resignation as press secretary. In addition to announcing that Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be taking over Spicer's position, Scaramucci had to address what has been a sticking point for the White House and the press during the Trump administration.

"I see the cameras are back. Will you commit now to holding regular, on-camera briefings?" ABC reporter Jonathan Karl asked.

"Maybe," Scaramucci said, adding that he wants to consult with President Donald Trump before making that decision. He noted that as press secretary, Sanders would be the one primarily taking the podium.

A few minutes later, Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason asked almost the exact same question.

"Are you committed then to regular, televised briefings and having a transparent relationship with the press?" Mason asked.

"Again, I obviously am committed to being transparent because I'm standing here, but I'd like to talk that over with the president," Scaramucci said. "And we have a new press secretary. I'd like to talk it over with her, and then we'll get back to you on that."