Sean Spicer

Dance Legend Sean Spicer Causes Bitter Libs to Lose Faith in Democracy

Trump haters denounce 'popular vote' as public support propels beloved former press secretary to victory

Sean Spicer must be getting tired of winning. The beloved former White House press secretary advanced to the next round on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday thanks to the overwhelming support of the voting public.

It’s A Dancing Show

Sean Spicer danced for Trump's amusement, now let him dance for ours

I've never seen an episode of Dancing With the Stars, which in some respects makes me the worst person to write about Dancing With the Stars, but today makes me actually the best person to write about Dancing With the Stars, because if you have no great love for Dancing With the Stars, you come to stories about Dancing With the Stars clear-eyed and realizing just how inconsequential Dancing With the Stars is the grand scheme of things, and that it is in fact just a show, with dancing and stars.