Reid Gets Angry About Polls Showing Trump Rise: ‘Your Numbers Are Not Fair’

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) got angry Friday when CNN’s Manu Raju discussed recent poll numbers showing Donald Trump surpassing Hillary Clinton in key swing states Ohio and Florida.

Raju said he wanted to ask Reid what he thinks Clinton needs to do to make up her dip in the polls.

"I want to ask you about your concerns about Hillary Clinton’s numbers right now," he said. "She is struggling. Why do you think–what does she need to do–"

Reid cut him off to slam the poll.

"You listen to me," Reid said, "You keep going back to your numbers. Your numbers are not fair. They’re not reliable."

When Raju asked Reid if Democrats are starting to get nervous because of the tightening poll numbers, the senator attacked the "cheap polls."

"They’re tightening because people like the ones you work for get these cheap polls that they can keep making news on," he said.

Raju hit back, saying that Reid uses time on the Senate floor for pedalling politics, not doing business.

"I mean, you’ve been going after him on the Senate floor where there’s supposed to be business done in the United States Senate," he said. "You did the same against Mitt Romney in 2012. Is it okay for the Senate minority leader to use the Senate floor to overtly campaign against a presidential candidate?"

Reid said he has an obligation as a leader in the Democratic Party to "point out things that are wrong."


Raju asked what Clinton needs to do differently as November draws closer.

Reid said he thinks Clinton is doing a good job thus far before attacked the poll numbers again.

"I don’t buy your silliness with your $500 polls you buy overnight," he said. "I don’t believe them. They’re not right. They’re incorrect. You do them to generate news."

Raju ended with a small fact-check before thanking Reid for his time.

"We spend a little more money on polls than $500," he said.