Poll: Clinton’s Public Image Rating Hits 25-Year Low


Gallup started tracking former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's favorability rating more than 25 years ago, and based on the latest data, her public image has hit an all-time low.

In the latest poll results, released Tuesday, Gallup concludes Clinton’s favorability has a 36 percent rating. Sixty-one percent of American adults have an unfavorable view of the former presidential hopeful, a new high, the Washington Examiner noted.

This current favorability rating is the lowest the former secretary of state has earned since the analytics company first began tracking Clinton's public image in 1992, when she earned 38 percent favorability right before she became the first lady.

During the 2016 election, around 40 percent of American adults had a favorable view of Clinton, more than now-President Donald Trump earned at the time, but still one of the "worst ever measured for presidential candidates," according to Gallup.

Gallup said, in the past, candidates who have lost the presidential elections were able to boost their public image after the loss. Clinton appears to be an exception to that norm.

Katelyn Caralle

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Katelyn Caralle is a media analyst at the Washington Free Beacon. Before joining Free Beacon, Katelyn worked as a Digital Strategy Intern at The Heritage Foundation. She graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 2016 where she served as Editor-in-Chief of The Voice.

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