Poll: Bernie Leads Hillary By Wide Margin in N.H., Gaining in Iowa

• September 6, 2015 10:09 am


Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has opened up a commanding lead over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary and is gaining support in Iowa, new polling revealed Sunday.

Sanders has overtaken Clinton by nine points in New Hampshire, a key early primary state, according to an NBC/Marist poll released Sunday morning.

"Forty-nine percent of voters surveyed [in New Hampshire] say they are voting for Bernie Sanders, giving him a nine point lead over Hillary Clinton at 38," MSNBC anchor Jonathan Capehart said. "Take a look at how these numbers compare to July, the last time NBC News and Marist conducted a poll in New Hampshire: Hillary Clinton down nine points in the Granite state in the last two months, Sanders gaining 15 points."

Clinton maintains an 11 point lead in Iowa, although that lead can't feel too comfortable for her team—Clinton is down 7 points since July, while Sanders is up 11 points.

As Clinton hemorrhages support in the northeast, her team is relying on Southern primaries to rescue her candidacy, the New York Times reports.

Sanders' surge is typically attributed to discontent with Hillary Clinton among white progressives. Also contributing are the scandals about Clinton's emails and political charity, the Clinton Foundation.

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