Blake Seitz

The Schlock of the New

Feature: Anti-Trump art is unoriginal, uninspired, and gross

Trump hatsIt is not novel to point out that most artists dislike Republicans and aren't shy about letting you know it. They hated Reagan so much they created an entire music genre, punk rock, to trash him. They hated W. so much they assassinated him on film—twice.

American Teachers

Review: Steven F. Hayward, 'Patriotism Is Not Enough: Harry Jaffa, Walter Berns, and the Arguments that Redefined American Conservatism'

Straussians love to talk about their conversion stories, which typically involve revelations in undergraduate courses taught by disciples of Leo Strauss. "The class was on the Nicomachean Ethics," begins the generic form of this story. "We didn't get past Book I." My introduction to Strauss was less revelatory.

The Day I Joined the Swamp Revolt

Feature: Getting to know the anti-Trump left

Takoma Park, Md., Jan. 20—The congregation of about 80 huddled together in the room, awaiting the descent of the spirit. The messiah they had followed for years during his public ministry—the man whose rebuke could lower the seas—had departed. Many struggled to hide bitter disappointment. He had not been the leader they had hoped for, had not turned his mass of followers into a lasting force. Instead he left them vulnerable in a world that despised them, in which the vulgar temporal authorities mocked and persecuted them. Had they deluded themselves? Did not their hearts burn within them while he spoke to them on the road to Washington? That seemed so long ago.

New York Times Gives Valuable Publicity to White Nationalism

Paper has published two-dozen articles about tiny band of racists since election

alt-rightThe New York Times has published more than two-dozen articles about the "alt-right" and white nationalist movements since the November elections, an invaluable signal boost for the tiny coalition of racists.