NYT Journalist Shames Hugh Hewitt For Attacking ‘Candidate’s Child,’ 49-Year-Old Hunter Biden

Won't someone think of the children?

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 30: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama (L) greets Vice President Joe Biden (C) and his son Hunter Biden as they attend the game between the Duke Blue Devils and Georgetown Hoyas on January 30, 2010 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alexis C. Glenn-Pool/Getty Images)

The New York Times‘s Michael Barbaro criticized conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, saying he attacked "a candidate's child," 49-year-old Hunter Biden.

"As this fellow circulates personal attacks on a candidates child, remember he's paid by NBC and MSNBC," tweeted Barbaro, host of The Daily podcast, about Hewitt's interview with Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), which touched on Hunter Biden.

In the interview, Cotton cited Hunter's various character issues, such as drug and alcohol abuse, as evidence he was only hired by a Ukrainian gas company because he is the son of then-vice president Joe Biden. "What do we think that oligarch believed he was buying?" Cotton asked. "He was buying access and influence to the Biden family."

Hewitt tweeted out portions of the exchange in which Cotton brought up an Arkansas woman who filed a paternity suit against the younger Biden.

Among those pushing back against Barbaro's protective attitude toward a middle-aged lobbyist was Cotton staffer John Noonan, who tweeted that he was "dying laughing."

In addition to his questionable business dealings in Ukraine, Hunter Biden partnered with the nephew of infamous gangster Whitey Bulger and former secretary of state John Kerry's stepson on a lucrative Bank of China deal.