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The NY Times Political Cartoon Debacle Is A Helpful Reminder Political Cartoons Are Generally Awful

It somehow took the New York Times two tries to apologize for their decision to publish an anti-Semitic cartoon in the international edition this weekend. The cartoon in question featured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog with a Star of David, leading around President Donald Trump. Critics noted that the cartoon rather clearly played on age-old stereotypes of Jews as beasts controlling the U.S. government.

NY Times Grants Anonymity to One of the World’s Most Powerful News Editors, For ‘Privacy Reasons’

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Apple News is quickly becoming a news behemoth, rivaling other social media giants in terms of its influence. Slate reported in a September profile that referrals to its site from Apple News had tripled in a year, surpassing even Facebook as the top driver of traffic to the site. A The Information article cited a source claiming that “Apple News has generated half of’s daily traffic at times.” And no wonder: the app comes preinstalled in the hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, and other products Apple has sold.