You Can’t ‘Fix’ Twitter Without Breaking Twitter


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey evidently signaled in a company event recently that he plans to do away with the “like” button. Dorsey has hinted at such a move before. “Right now we have a big Like button with a heart on it and we’re incentivizing people to want it to go up…” he said in …

Radical Abortion Supporters Campaign to Censor Pro-Lifers

A group of radical abortion supporters are asking Twitter to prevent pro-life activists from promoting their tweets.

Reproaction, an activist group aimed at “increasing abortion access,” is circulating a petition to censor pro-life content on the social media site. The group says Twitter should not have reversed its controversial decision to block a 2017 ad from Tennessee Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) that featured her discussing Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting operations. The controversy led a Twitter official to apologize to Blackburn during a July House Judiciary Committee hearing on social media bias.

Democrats’ War on Woman Behind Kavanaugh

A Mexican-American White House lawyer whose grandparents escaped the Holocaust was accused of flashing a white power sign during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Tuesday.