New Ad Hits Leslie Cockburn for Dining With Saddam's Sons

October 16, 2018

Leslie Cockburn's dinner with Saddam Hussein's two sons is being used as an example of the Virginia Democrat's "far outside the mainstream" foreign policy views.

A new ad in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District from the Republican Jewish Coalition, which has only entered the airwaves in three races this cycle, targets Cockburn as a liberal who "chooses to dine with despots and dictators," referencing her meals with Uday and Qusay Hussein and Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

Cockburn's book, Dangerous Liaisons, which according to the New York Times is "largely dedicated to Israel-bashing for its own sake," is also targeted in the ad.

"Leslie Cockburn is out of touch with the voters of VA-5," said Matt Brooks, RJC's executive director. "Her book is often cited by anti-Semitic hate groups to bolster their claim that Jews have too much control in our country."

"Her radical agenda for the economy, health care, and foreign policy are far outside the mainstream, especially in the largely rural and Republican communities in central and southwest Virginia," Brooks said.

Cockburn is running against Republican Denver Riggleman, a local small business owner who is also making his first run for office.

Brooks said Cockburn was being targeted by the RJC for both her history of anti-Israel beliefs and her support for the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran.

"We are very proud of the RJC’s prominent role in key races this year. Our work has had a major impact and we will continue to speak out—particularly against Democrats who are anti-Israel and who support Pres. Obama’s failed nuclear deal with Iran," Brooks said.

The RJC said it is buying $300,000 worth of airtime for the ad, which began airing Monday and will continue to be seen through October.

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