MSNBC: Why Was Obama Shooting Pool and Drinking Beer?

Andrea Mitchell argues White House 'late to the game' on everything

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell called out President Obama Wednesday for "shooting pool and drinking beer" in the midst of a border crisis that both sides of the aisle are calling him out for ignoring.

The White House tweeted out pictures of Obama hanging out with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper doing those activities Tuesday night, leaving Mitchell to ask Rep. Henry Cuellar (D., Texas) how the administration could be that tone-deaf.

"What were they thinking when they did that photo opportunity with Hickenlooper shooting pool and drinking beer?" she asked.

Cuellar, who has been one of the most vocal Democrats calling for Obama to visit the border, said the images "floored" him.

"If he's saying he's too busy to go down to the border but you have time to drink a beer, play pool, the appearance means that he's not paying attention to this humanitarian crisis," he said.

Mitchell also wondered whether this latest crisis was part of a "pattern" with Obama in being "late to the game" on yet another issue like with the Veterans Affairs scandal, something that her colleague Chuck Todd alluded to earlier on Morning Joe when he said events appeared to control the White House.

"You know, it was a continuous problem that people were warning about, but it didn't get to the president," Mitchell said. "Is the White House too insular? Is cabinet government not working? What is going on here?"