Cuellar: Obama Can ‘Take Half an Hour’ and Visit the Border After Fundraisers


Rep. Henry Cuellar (D., Texas) continued to call on President Obama to visit the site of the U.S. southern border crisis Tuesday on The Kelly File, saying it would take no more than 30 to 45 minutes of his time and would demonstrate leadership.

Cuellar previously said he hoped this would not become Obama's "Katrina moment." Obama is scheduled to attend fundraisers in Texas this week but the White House repeatedly stated he would not visit the site of the border crisis.

"I understand, he's doing fundraising, and I thank him as a Democrat for doing that, but he can get on Air Force One right after the last fundraiser, go down to the border, take half an hour, 45 minutes at most to fly down there, and then go see the situation," he said. "I think that is going to be very important."

Echoing the White House, Cuellar called the situation of illegal immigrants, many of them children, flooding across the border after a dangerous journey from their home country, a "humanitarian crisis."

"It's optics and I think that people on the border want to see the president down there to make sure that he understands," Cuellar said.

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