MSNBC Panel Roasts Clinton: ‘No-Win Situation For Her’

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel cut into Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for her continued email saga, predicting the Democratic presidential candidate will struggle throughout the campaign now that the Senate Intelligence Committee and Justice Department are on her case.

"Politically, it’s a no-win situation for her," Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said.

The host of With All Due Respect said if all of Clinton’s emails are still on the server, it is highly likely it will contain emails she should have turned over but did not. On the other side, if the server is completely wiped clean, Clinton will appear to have gone out of her way to hide something.

"I think people will say, ‘Wow. Why did Hillary Clinton go to such lengths to permanently delete this emails?’ Halperin said. "And the question will linger forever, ‘what was on there?’"

Nicolle Wallace tied the classified emails contained on Clinton’s private server, something Clinton adamantly denied previously, to David Petraeus.

"Hillary Clinton’s issue certainly involves the emails," panelist Mike Barnicle said. "But in a larger sense it involves what it regurgitates within the voting public about the Clintons, that there is always something there with them."

Clinton’s poll numbers have suffered under the weight of the email scandal. Clinton’s favorability rating remains underwater and a majority of Americans do not believe she is honest or trustworthy. The most troubling news for Clinton, however, is that for the very first time she trails socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D., Ver.) in New Hampshire polls.

"It’s quite obvious thus far, that her campaign has been too much about the past," Barnicle said. "Elections are about the future."

Willie Geist said the inclusion of the Senate committee and FBI damages Clinton’s argument that she is under a partisan attack.