MSNBC’s Many Technical Fails

• April 15, 2016 12:56 pm


MSNBC has a history of technical difficulties, miscommunications, and a slew of awkward moments, a new Free Beacon SuperCut reveals.

There was that one time MSNBC disregarded anchor Thomas Roberts’ pleas to show the proper images for a story he was reporting.

In another painful broadcast, correspondent Chris Jansing teamed up with Roberts to do a report from the campaign trail. The "on-the-go" feed cut out every time Jansing’s van went under an overpass.

"You’ll never know when we’re going to hit an overpass," Jansing said as the screen flickered and eventually flipped back to Roberts, who sat staring at the camera with a slight smile.

On countless other occasions, Roberts’ guests lost their audio or video connection. Yet, without so much as a quiver of his smile, Roberts pressed on reporting.

Roberts isn’t the only one who has faced a great many technical difficulties. MSNBC anchor Steve Kornacki had to deal with a malfunctioning "big board" on air. Quick on his feet, he drew his own map of America, which some have conjectured resembles a certain male body part (though he claimed that it looked like a goldfish). Unfazed, Kornacki carried on using his oddly shaped map.

We would be remiss not to mention a Free Beacon favorite, Rev. Al Sharpton, who, in addition to having trouble pronouncing certain words, has had to put up with the unruly "big board." Swipe he much.

(h/t Philip Bump, without whose reminder the Free Beacon would not have completed this SuperCut.)

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