MSNBC Doesn't Air White House Press Briefing

Sarah Huckabee Sanders / Getty Images
November 27, 2018

MSNBC did not air Tuesday's White House press briefing live as it has throughout the Trump administration, cutting in for only a moment regarding a question about Paul Manafort.

The briefing began at 1:35 p.m. Eastern Time and lasted about 45 minutes, with economic adviser Larry Kudlow and National Security Adviser John Bolton speaking to reporters in addition to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing noted at the top of the 2 p.m. hour that the briefing was underway, but her program continued with its usual guests.

"In Washington, the White House is briefing reporters," Jansing said. "This is the first time this month, and it's November 27, and it's only the fourth briefing since Labor Day. The last time they briefed in front of that podium, October 29, and that one lasted just 23 minutes, so we're keeping a close ear to what's happening right now. If any news is made, we certainly will bring it to you."

The network elected to monitor the briefing and report on any developments afterward due to the day's rapid news pace, according to a spokesperson. It was streamed live at

Jansing only went to the briefing for a few seconds when Sanders answered a question about whether President Donald Trump was considering pardoning Manafort, his former campaign chairman who was convicted in August on fraud and tax evasion charges.

Other major stories on Tuesday included the closing of several General Motors plants and Trump's threat to yank GM's subsidies, the fallout from recent skirmishes at the southern border, and the U.S. Senate election in Mississippi.

Fox News and CNN both carried the entire briefing.

It was not common for the cable news channels to air the White House briefings during the Obama administration, given they occurred daily, had a far-longer average length, and were far less contentious than in the Trump era.