AP Reporter: ‘A Lot of Our Hot Takes Are Wrong’

MSNBC panel 'sad' and 'disappointed' in aftermath of Mueller hearing

• July 24, 2019 5:55 pm


MSNBC analyst Jonathan Lemire said the media's had lots of incorrect "hot takes" after Robert Mueller testified in front of Congress Wednesday.

"In terms of what happens next certainly, yes, a lot of our hot takes are wrong," Lemire said, "But you know who else hears those hot takes are lawmakers, and Democrats in particular."

Lemire went on to say that pro-impeachment Democrats were likely disappointed that the hearings didn't move the ball on impeachment.

His fellow panelists also expressed their disappointment. Analyst Matthew Miller said he was "disappointed" that Mueller didn't "guide us to the answer," and former prosecutor Mimi Rocah said repeatedly that the hearings made her "sad."

"I was—sad I think is the word," Rocah said. "Any success for the Democrats I think that came out today was because Adam Schiff and Nadler guided us there. Mueller definitely did not want to and he doesn't see that as his job, and I understand it as a prosecutor, but it makes me sad because I think we need it as a country."

MSNBC analyst Jeremy Bash said earlier on the network that Mueller "sucked the life out of the report," adding, "I thought he was boring. I thought in some cases he was sort of evasive, he didn't want to explain or expand on his rationale. He seemed lost at times, he was kind of flipping through the report trying to find passages that members of Congress were reading to him."

Nearly everyone on MSNBC has expressed a similar view on the hearing, saying it had no major impact on the allegations Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice. That has been the general reaction across the mainstream media, although one notable exception was CNN legal analyst Susan Hennessey.

"My guess is we are going to see a groundswell of support for impeachment after this," Hennessey tweeted.

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