Morning Joe: You'd Love Hillary Clinton if You Knew Her Like I Do

May 10, 2016

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has plenty of political disagreements with Hillary Clinton, but he likes her personally.

In fact, the former Republican congressman likes her enough that he habitually tells fellow Morning Joe panelists and his small but influential audience that he likes Hillary, finds her likable, really likes Hillary, finds her very likable, and that's she a likable person that he likes:

"If you've been around her personally, she is really likable."

"I've never made a secret on this show of the fact, personally, I like Hillary Clinton a lot."

"I like Hillary personally a lot."

"I defended Hillary. I like Hillary."

"I've always said I like Hillary."

"You know, I like Hillary Clinton."

"She's extraordinary likable."

"I really, really like her."

"I got bad news for you: I like her."

"I really like Hillary."

"Hillary Clinton herself knows I like her very much."

"I like Hillary. I like her as a person."

"You know we like Hillary personally."

"I made no secret of the fact I like Hillary Clinton very much."

"She's nice, I like her. Sorry."

"She's a very likable person."

"She's like a midwest Methodist. I really like her."

"I like her."

Scarborough often bemoans the fact this lighter side fails to shine through in public.

In addition to this impressive bipartisan friendship, Scarborough can also boast that he and co-host Mika Brzezinski thought Donald Trump could make an impact on the Republican presidential race as early as last summer. They have spiked the football for this vague prescience ever since.