Scarborough: By McCaskill’s Definition, Clinton Is Only Candidate Who Took Dirty Money

• June 9, 2016 9:49 am


When Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) complimented Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I., Vt.) campaign because he brought attention to dirty money in politics, Joe Scarborough said that by McCaskill's own definition of dirty money, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate to have taken it.

"Well, I think he allowed the country to see how many Americans are disgusted with Citizens United and all the secret dirty money that is washing around in politics now because of that really flawed Supreme Court decision," she said.

"But isn't your candidate the greatest benefactor of that this campaign cycle and certainly not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?" the Morning Joe co-host asked. "They didn't get money from there."

McCaskill responded by stating that Clinton advocated every day of her campaign to getting rid of Citizens United.

Scarborough pointed out that McCaskill was talking about dirty money.

"I know, but you're talking about the dirty money," he said. "I mean, Hillary is the only one who has really taken it, by your definition of dirty money because Bernie hasn't taken it and Donald Trump hasn't taken it."

McCaskill said that there are multiple people on Wall Street fundraising for Trump.

"I beg your pardon," McCaskill responded. "Donald Trump has like six or seven Wall Street guys raising money for him right now."

Scarborough was unconvinced and said that this was a form of false equivalency.

"Come on now," he said. "You can't talk about false equivalency and Wall Street money between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Do we want to compare the two? You don't want to. Trust me, you don't want to."

McCaskill finished by stating, again, that there is only one party that wants to get rid of Citizens United.

Through the duration of her campaign, Clinton has been under fire for her relationship with Wall Street. She has also been heavily criticized over her decision to not release her transcripts of speeches to Wall Street.