VIDEO: Dems, Journos Keep Saying 'Latinx' Even Though Most Latinos Have No Idea What It Means

The term is popular among woke activists, but just 4 percent of Latino Americans prefer it

August 7, 2021

A Gallup poll published Wednesday found that just 4 percent of Hispanic or Latino Americans prefer the term "Latinx" to describe their ethnicity. The vast majority, in fact, have never even heard the word, according to a Pew survey released last year.

That's because most Latino Americans are normal well-adjusted individuals who might not be familiar with the woke terminology promoted by extremely online left-wing activists in the name of "inclusion."

Because most journalists, and many Democratic politicians, are extremely online left-wing activists, they prefer "Latinx." It's the word they use when appearing on each other's podcasts, and it makes them feel good about themselves. They can't imagine saying anything else.

As the oblivious MSNBC host Joy Reid said after the 2020 election: "I was under the impression that [Latinx] was the preferred term."