John King Slams Perez Over Using Expletives During Unity Tour

April 20, 2017

CNN host John King slammed Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez on Thursday for his expletive-laden speeches in recent weeks.

The host of "Inside Politics" called Perez's antics "unnecessary," and said he thinks the DNC chair "can do it with manners."

King played a clip of Perez describing the Republican budget plan with an expletive and saying, "Those Republican leaders and President Trump don't give a [expletive] about the people they were trying to hurt."

King chastised the chairman's use of curse words.

"I think that's unnecessary," he said.

"Bernie Sanders sort of alludes to that a bit in saying this message that Democrats give an expletive about people, I think that's a message that sort of led to Trump, because many felt elbowed out of this coalition," CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham added.

"They felt like, 'Oh, you're the only good people and we are the bad people. We're the deplorables and therefore we're going to go a different direction.' So, I think repairing that messaging is actually part of this. And as we know, the children are listening," Ham concluded, in reference to a Hillary Clinton campaign ad.

"I think he can do it with manners. I really do. Passion is good, manners are good also," King concluded.

This is not the first time Perez has used expletives while speaking about Republicans. In March, he said, "Republicans don't give a shit about people," during an event held by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance in Newark.

It has been noted that Democrats have been publicly cursing more often since President Donald Trump was elected.