Jill Stein: People Walk Around With Floppy Disks to Hack Voter Machines

December 7, 2016

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein told Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Wednesday that people walk around with floppy disks in order to hack and reprogram voter machines.

Stein–who is attempting to launch election recount efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to contest Donald Trump's victory–first explained the indicators that people looked for when a machine is suspected of being tampered with or having an error.

"So the indicators that they look for if they want to see a machine error or a foul play or tampering, you look for a couple of indicators," she said. "So one is close race. You also look for an outcome which is the opposite of what was suggested by the polls and the exit polls."

Cavuto said that polls are often unreliable.

"Not necessarily," Stein responded. "What we're reflecting is that people have incredible doubts in an election that was very divisive and bitter and machines that we know fail massively."

"That would be hacking," Cavuto said, adding that for voter machines to be hacked, they need to be connected to the internet.

"No they don't at all," Stein said. "No, because people walk around and they reprogram these machines and use, like, a floppy disk."

Floppy disks are hard to come by on the internet and have been discontinued by many manufacturers, although one can order them from and other sites with enough research. They are more popularly used as coasters these days.