Top Dem Donors Hosted Director From Group That Registered Dead People to Vote

The left’s largest network of wealthy donors tapped an individual for a discussion on “expanding the electorate” at its fall investment conference from a group that was caught submitting fraudulent voter registration forms—including registering dead people to vote—and saw one of its employees go to prison for the crime.

The Ultimate Creative Guide to Voting in Disguise

It’s time for Americans to accept the fact that voter fraud is here to stay. It’s just another one of those peculiar social trends that eventually finds its way into the mainstream — like jogging, pretending to like soccer, and watching strangers play video games online. As always, our president gets it. “When people get in …

A Heartbreaking VICE Story on How Voter ID Laws Disenfranchise Idiots

voting booth

VICE News tweeted out quite the outrageous story yesterday. A man went to his polling station with a driver’s license, birth certificate, student ID, proof of residency, everything. And he still wasn’t allowed to vote. I had my: • valid driver’s license • student ID • voter registration card • a copy of my birth certificate …