Hillary Clinton: Everybody Should Love Me

December 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton declared at Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate that everybody should love her when asked if American corporations should think as favorably of her now as they did when she ran for president in 2008.

The Democratic frontrunner's pronouncement came after debate moderator David Muir described how Fortune magazine put Clinton on its cover last time she was running for president with the headline "Business Loves Hillary," and wrote that she supports many corporate CEOs.

"I'm curious, eight years later, should corporate America love Hillary Clinton?" Muir asked.

"Everybody should!" Clinton exclaimed in response with a big smile on her face, drawing applause from the debate audience.

Clinton has had to explain her long-standing ties to Wall Street on the campaign trail as her opponents Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., VT) and former governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley have tried to portray her as being too close to corporate America in a primary that has largely focused on what the candidates call a widening gap between the country's rich and poor.

The former secretary of state has also had to deal with generally negative likability ratings and polls consistently showing that a majority of Americans think unfavorably of her.

Another noteworthy challenge for the Democratic frontrunner has been that most voters still believe she is untrustworthy, as one recent poll, for example, shows that just 36 percent of Americans find Clinton honest.

Clinton has still been able to maintain a large national lead in the Democratic polls since the summer.