EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Martin O’Malley Jams in Georgetown Dorm

This bootleg recording is a Free Beacon exclusive, but I am willing to trade it for a high-quality MP3 or FLAC recording of the May 24 Guided By Voices at the Black Cat, a.k.a., one of the best nights of my and Jay Carney’s lives. “Scare Away the Dark” and Passenger are not really my bag, but Martin O’Malley really kills it here.

Analysis: O’Malley Supports Starvation of Non-Workers

I had better things to do* last night than watch the Democratic town hall, so I skipped it. I was intrigued to discover, though, that Martin O’Malley had decided to separate himself from the pack—currently comprised of a non-entity (him), a socialist (Bernie Sanders), and a ruthless pragmatist who believes you were made to be ruled (Clinton)—by calling for Darwinian natural selection to take place amongst the lower classes in order to weed out those who are unfit to survive.