Halper: Gianforte's Win Is Good News for Trump

Washington Free Beacon contributing editor Daniel Halper said on Friday that Greg Gianforte's victory in Montana's special election Thursday night was also a win for President Donald Trump.

Halper offered his analysis of Gianforte's election to the House of Representatives on Fox Business.

Host Neil Cavuto asked Halper what he made of Gianforte's relatively close victory over Democratic opponent Rob Quist.

"Did you get a sense that there were some vulnerabilities picked up there?" Cavuto asked.

"In a way maybe he should have done a little bit better," Halper said. "President Trump won the state by 20 points, so there was room for improvement, absolutely."

Halper then added, "Overall, I think it's pretty good news for President Trump."

"I say that because the Democratic agenda at this moment is to oppose everything that Trump does, and yet this candidate, this Republican, won," he continued. "And I think a lot of voters are looking at him saying, 'I'm still willing to give President Trump a chance to do something and to do something well.'"

"I don't know how long that lasts," Halper said. "You can see a little bit of erosion in the support, but overall it is much better for him than obviously any other alternative at this moment."