Haley to AIPAC: Israel Will Never Be Disrespected at the U.N. 'On My Watch'

March 5, 2018

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley spoke at AIPAC Monday evening about the U.S.'s friendship with Israel, saying the Jewish state would not be disrespected at the U.N. "on my watch."

"You know I won't be a wallflower or talking head. I have to be able to say what I think," Haley told President Donald Trump as she was being considered for a role in the Trump administration.

Without hesitation, Trump said, "Nikki, that's exactly why I want you to do this."

Haley told the audience that on her first day on the job she reached out to ambassadors to four countries, including the British and French ambassadors because they're the U.S.'s closest allies on the UN Security Council.

Haley also said she reached out to Ukraine to reassure that America won't waver against standing up for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

"And my fourth call on that first day was to Danny Danon, the Israeli ambassador," Haley said, motioning to someone in the front to applause.

Haley brought up UN Resolution 2334 from President Barack Obama's lame duck period in December 2016, which condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The U.S. allowed it to pass by abstaining.

"On my first day, I assured the Israeli ambassador that on my watch, that would never happen again," she said to applause.

Haley got some of the bigger standing ovations of her speech by mentioning the decision to move the U.S.'s embassy to Jerusalem.

"Like most Americans, I knew what the capital of Israel was. To be more clear, I knew that Jerusalem was, is, and will always be Israel's capital," Haley said.

Like Trump said earlier on Monday, she said that she hopes to be in Jerusalem when the new embassy is opened.

Haley has been a forceful defender of Israel since she took her new role. She slammed a U.N. resolution in December rejecting the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem, calling it an "insult" that won't be forgotten.

She has also sparred with Palestinian officials, responding to one who said she should "shut up" by saying she would do no such thing and ripping Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for a inflammatory, anti-Semitic speech in January.

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