Haley Vetoes U.N. Resolution Rejecting Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital: 'We Do It With No Reluctance'

U.N. Ambassador: This resolution is an 'insult' that won't be forgotten

December 18, 2017

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Monday vetoed a Security Council resolution rejecting President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, saying she did it with no reluctance and slamming the "scandalous charge" that it set back peace efforts.

She also called the resolution an "insult" that would not be forgotten.

"The exercise of the veto is not something the United States does often. We have not done it in more than six years," Haley said. "We do it with no joy, but we do it with no reluctance."

Trump made the announcement on Dec. 6, saying it was a "long overdue step," and announced preparations to move the U.S. embassy in the Jewish state to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

The other 14 members on the council voted in favor of the resolution, which was drafted by Egypt. According to Reuters, it did not mention Trump or the U.S. but did express "deep regret at recent decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem."

Haley said it should be an "embarrassment" to the rest of the Security Council that the U.S. issued its veto in defense of its role in the Middle East policy process. She also said Trump had taken care to stay in line with previous U.N. Security Council resolutions on supporting a two-state solution and not prejudging final status negotiations.

"It is highly regrettable that some are trying to distort the president's position to serve their own agendas," Haley said.

Haley said the U.S. will not be told by any country "where we can put our embassy," and she criticized the "scandalous charge" that the U.S. was setting back peace with its recognition of Jerusalem.

"What does it gain the Palestinian people for their leaders to throw up roadblocks to negotiations? A peace process that is damaged by the simple recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is not a peace process," Haley said. "It is a justification for an endless stalemate."

"It's one more example of the United Nations doing more harm than good in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," she added.