America Rising: Beshear’s Rebuttal to Trump’s Address a ‘Stark Reminder’ of Dem Struggles

A video posted by the American Rising PAC titled "A Stark Reminder" highlights the media's negative reaction to the Democrats' rebuttal to President Donald Trump's Tuesday night address. Steve Beshear, the former governor of Kentucky, delivered the rebuttal.

Most critics were surprised by the "unusual choice," stating that the Democrats should have chosen a fresh face.

"The perfect opportunity to showcase a fresh face right? But the democrats instead chose a 72 former governor, Steve Beshear of Kentucky," said John King, host of CNN's "Inside Politics."

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Rachel Maddow of MSNBC called the choice "small and stunty."

"To turn to a former governor who was replaced by a Republican to deliver this response, it's just an interesting call," Bret Baier of Fox News said.

The video continues to show various news outlets voicing their displeasure with Beshear, and concludes with another clip of King stating how this is a representation of the Democratic struggle.

"The Democratic response is a pretty stark reminder of Democratic struggles out there across America," he says.