Elizabeth Warren Calls on Walmart to Cease Gun Sales

'The weapons they sell are killing their own customers and employees'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren / Getty
August 9, 2019

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) called on Walmart to end its practice of selling guns in a tweet posted Friday morning. The move comes in the wake of two mass shootings last weekend that increased calls for gun control.

"Companies that sell guns have a responsibility to the safety of their communities," she wrote on Twitter. "@Walmart is one of the largest gun retailers in the world. The weapons they sell are killing their own customers and employees. No profit is worth those lives. Do the right thing—stop selling guns."

She proceeded to tweet her support for a protest on Saturday calling for Walmart to end its gun sales. Warren specially named several gun-control advocacy groups and encouraged her followers to join with them.

"I'm standing with @gunsdownamerica, @AMarch4OurLives, and @AFTunion as they rally this weekend to urge @Walmart to stop selling guns. I hope you'll join them," Warren tweeted. She included a link to a tweet from the organization "Guns Down America," which features a link to the Walmart rally.

The event calls on Walmart to "stop selling guns, stop donating to NRA-backed politicians, and reinvest in the communities they serve." 

Earlier today, Walmart announced it would remove displays of violent video games and movies, but has not made the decision to stop selling guns and ammo. However, it does not sell all types of guns.

In 2015, Walmart announced that in response to falling sales and the Sandy Hook shooting, it would end sales of AR-15's and similar guns. After the Parkland shooting, Walmart also raised the age necessary to buy guns from the store to 21.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, Dick's Sporting Goods ceased its sale of guns similar to those used in the school shooting.