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Attorney General William Barr

Federal Agents Descend on Kansas City to Combat Unprecedented Murder Spike

Operation Legend named for 4-year-old boy murdered in his sleep

July 10, 2020

CNN Blames Bar Shooting on Lax Gun Laws. It Got The Facts Wrong

Shooter was not legally allowed to carry weapon

January 26, 2020

Philadelphia Eagles Star Used Shotgun to Fend Off Bat-Wielding Intruder

Fletcher Cox defended home from man who vandalized car, tried to break in

October 24, 2019

Beto Asks Banks to Boycott Gun Industry

Says 'credit cards have enabled' mass shootings

September 12, 2019

South Bend Faced Another Violent Weekend on Buttigieg's Watch

16-year-old killed as about 130 shots were fired around the city

September 10, 2019

Trump Admin. Preps Proposal to Execute Mass Shooters Faster

Plan will form part of gun control bill after Congress returns

September 3, 2019