Egyptian MB: 'Filth of the Zionists'

June 28, 2012

In the weeks before Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-backed president rose to power, officials with the Islamist group were denouncing Israel and pledging to invade its territory, according to a new report.

"Every Muslim will be asked about the Zionists' usurpation of al-Aqsa Mosque," Mohammed Badie, general guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood said during a June 14 speech, according to a translation of his remarks by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. "Why did he not seek to recover it, and wage Jihad in His way? Did he not care about the fatwa of the ulema [scholars] of the Muslims, 'Jihad of self and money to recover al Aqsa is a duty on every Muslim?'"

Badie’s speech indicates that despite its public declarations, the Muslim Brotherhood has not renounced its extremist, militant ways, IPT states.

"How happy would be the Muslims if all Muslim rulers made the Palestinian cause a pivotal issue, around which Muslims, rulers and the ruled, would line up," Badie said, according to the translation. "The sole goal for all of them [would be] the recovery of al Aqsa Mosque, freeing it from the filth of the Zionists, and imposing Muslim rule throughout beloved Palestine."

Badie also referred to Jewish people as "apes" and "despised."

IPT further reports:

Badie also made reference to the role of Hamas-tied convoys, in aiding in the effort to eliminate the Jewish state.

"Know that there stands by you every sincere Muslim mujahid from all over the world, and all the honorable nationalists. Do not presume that you are alone in the field, but there stands at your side and with you every free honorable noble man who rejects injustice, murder and bloodshed," he said, before stating, "Not far off are the Freedom flotillas which will come to you from various States, and Miles of Smiles which touched you from all over the world."

The most recent convoy by Miles of Smiles, which is linked to the U.S. terrorist designated, British organization Interpal, was led by Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood head Hammam Saeed. Hamas' Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called that convoy "the declaration of victory over the siege and the declaration of the enemy's strategic failure in Gaza."