Cruz on 2016: I’m Definitely Not Voting for Hillary

July 21, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) promised the Texas delegates during a speech Thursday morning in Cleveland, Ohio, that he will absolutely not be voting for Hillary Clinton but would not say that he will cast his ballot for Donald Trump.

Cruz took questions after giving a speech to his home state’s delegation. Immediately after saying he was ready for questions, one man yelled, "Are you going to vote for Trump?"

Cruz declined to support Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, during a speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention. His speech caused some in the audience to boo loudly and chant "we want Trump!" Cruz advised Republicans to vote their conscious and pick candidates on the ticket who will defend the Constitution.

Cruz thanked the man for his question and restated his talking points from Wednesday night.

"I will answer it the way I have answered it many, many times. I am doing what millions of Americans are doing. I am watching. I am listening. And as I told you last night, the standard that I intend to imply is which candidate I trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution."

"I can tell you I’m not voting for Hillary," Cruz said.

His answer was met with a round of applause.