Conway: 'I Completely Agree' With Obama That Trump Is Pragmatic and Not Ideological

November 15, 2016

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway agreed on Tuesday with President Obama's assessment that the president-elect is "pragmatic" rather than "ideological."

Trump changed political parties several times in his life before running for president as a Republican in 2015 and storming to the nomination.

At his first news conference since Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton, Obama addressed the transition process and what he expects from his successor on Monday.

"I don't think he is ideological. I think ultimately he is pragmatic," Obama said. "And that can serve him well, as long as he's got good people around him."

Conway said she "completely" agreed with that description from Obama when asked about it by Today host Savannah Guthrie.

"I'm very thrilled that the president would tell the country that, because it's an important voice to have out there right now, Savannah, as we try to have a peaceful transition and form a new government," she said. "It was very classy of President Obama, and I think incredibly perceptive."

She said people who spent time with Trump beyond the "caricature" would make similar conclusions.

"It's very important to us that the sitting president would see President-elect Trump in that regard," she said.

Conway is reportedly being considered for a high-level Trump administration position, but she would not speculate about the matter during Tuesday's interview.