Clinton’s Website Deleted Statement Saying Rape Victims Have the ‘Right to Be Believed’

Hillary and Bill Clinton / AP
• August 15, 2016 10:45 am


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has deleted a statement on its website that said that all rape victims have the "right to be believed."

BuzzFeed reported Sunday that the change was made in February on the campaign’s website after Juanita Broaddrick’s story received renewed attention. Broaddrick claimed that Bill Clinton had raped her in 1978.

A redditor also pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s campaign website appeared to have made some edits to its "campus sexual assault" page. Last winter, website archives show, a September 14, 2015, quote from Hillary ran across the top:

"I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you."

In February, shortly after Broaddrick’s viral tweet made headlines, the line "you have the right to be believed" was cut from the text. A video of the full remarks, that line included, is currently on the page. The Clinton campaign declined to comment on the change.

Hillary Clinton defended her husband in the wake of the rape accusation and continues to do so on the campaign trail. Broaddrick has said that Clinton did not believe her but also in the past intimidated and threatened her into staying quiet, according to the New York Post.