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Female Union Leader Allegedly Threatened Her Husband's Accuser

Democratic San Diego County supervisor Nathan Fletcher is resigning after facing sexual assault accusations

March 31, 2023

Andrew Cuomo Urges Progressives To Passionately Embrace Israel

'Silence is not an option.' At least in some cases.

March 14, 2023

Pennsylvania Dem Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

State Rep. Mike Zabel allegedly propositioned and stalked colleague

March 10, 2023

New York AG Shielded Top Aide From Sexual Harassment Allegations, Accuser Says

Letitia James, who led investigation into allegations against Andrew Cuomo, now under scrutiny herself

December 8, 2022

Transgender New Hampshire Dem in Jail on Stalking Charges

Stacie Laughton has falsely reported bomb threats, committed identity fraud as state rep

December 8, 2022

Tina Kotek Says She's a Defender of Women. She Has a History of Ignoring Sexual Harassment Complaints.

A 2018 investigation found the Democratic gubernatorial candidate fostered a 'sexually hostile environment' in the Oregon statehouse

November 2, 2022

MSNBC, CNN Ignore Sex Assault Allegations Against Dem Senate Candidate

Mike Franken is accused of having '1950s interactions' with 'several' women

September 26, 2022