Sexual Harassment

Lincoln Project In Disarray After Founder Accused of ‘Grooming’ Young Men for Sex

John Weaver quietly scrubbed from PAC's website, which is currently experiencing technical difficulties

Lincoln Project cofounder John Weaver has been scrubbed from the super PAC's website, which is currently experiencing technical difficulties after Weaver was accused of "grooming" dozens of young men for sex. No explanation has been given for the unusual website activity.

Jeffrey Toobin on Sexual Misconduct

Not the master of his domain

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who has been suspended from the New Yorker and sidelined from his television gig for allegedly masturbating during a Zoom call, has had plenty to say about perpetrators and victims of sexual harassment over the years.

174 House Dems Vote Against Anti-Sexual-Predator Amendment

Dozens of Dems join GOP to prevent TSA from hiring people with sexual misconduct, terror convictions

Forty-two House Democrats bucked party leadership on Thursday to pass an amendment ensuring that individuals convicted of sex crimes, terrorism, and other violent offenses cannot be employed by the TSA.

Chris Matthews Ousted in Disgrace as Netanyahu Triumphs Again

Creepy Hardball host once compared Israeli PM to dictators Putin, Erdoğan

Longtime MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, who once included Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a list of "bad guys" along with Russia's Vladimir Putin and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced his "retirement" from the network on Monday.