Clinton Staffer on Black Lives Matter Founder: ‘Yuck’

Campaign flagged interview where BLM leader declared she wouldn’t vote for Hillary

Black Lives MAtter

A Hillary Clinton campaign staffer responded to an interview with a Black Lives Matter activist with one word: "yuck."

Clinton staffers circulated a radio interview in January with one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter Alicia Garza. Clinton herself flagged the interview, according to a new batch of hacked emails released by Wikileaks.

In an email, Clinton’s research director Tony Carrk asked his team to find the interview because "HRC said there was a segment with a woman from BLM who said HRC/WJC ruined black lives."

Another staffer then sent a transcript of an interview on the New Yorker radio hour with Garza, who said Hillary "shunned and lectured" Black Lives Matter during a "tense" meeting with the group in August 2015.

At the end of the interview Garza said she would not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Sara Solow, a domestic policy adviser to Clinton, responded to the transcript saying, "yuck."

Garza’s comments flagged by the campaign included assertions that Hillary Clinton was "defensive" and dismissive" of Black Lives Matter, and criticized the Clinton’s policies in the 1990s.

"I grew up in the era of mass incarceration," Garza said. "In particular, we had being demonized and being seen as a drain on government resources, and, you know, former Secretary Clinton and her husband, former President Clinton, really removed this very robust agenda around criminalizing Black people and they did that in a couple of different ways."

"One was by passing and championing this landmark three strikes legislation, which actually incarcerated more Black people than any other time in history, right," she continued. "They also did something which was overwhelming, which was to dismantle states supports for families to be able to thrive or just at the very least survive, right. And they did that under this notion, right, that people were taking advantage of the system and that people are not redeemable."

Garza said she would not vote for any Republican, or Hillary Clinton, and said she "absolutely" believes that African Americans "give away the vote too cheap."

This is not the first email exchange that revealed critical comments towards important voting blocs. Campaign Chairman John Podesta called Latino politicians "needy," and others made disparaging comments about Catholics.

Podesta’s emails are being posted online by Wikileaks. The U.S. director of national intelligence and the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security have accused "Russia’s senior-most officials" of hacking and leaking emails posted to Wikileaks and other sites in order to influence the 2016 election.