Clinton: Republicans Will 'Steal Votes' in 2020 Election

Getty Images
January 21, 2020

Hillary Clinton said she has warned Democrats running for president that Republicans will "steal votes" in the upcoming election.

"Whoever gets the nomination, you've got to deal with the structural challenges that the Republicans and their allies have put in your way," Clinton told the Hollywood Reporter in a preview for the upcoming Hulu documentary about her life. "So, that means you've got to deal with voter suppression, because they'll steal votes or they'll prevent votes from happening. They're now trying to purge voters so that they can try to limit the electorate."

Clinton blasted Donald Trump in 2016 when he suggested he wouldn't accept the results of the election, saying Trump's remark was a "direct threat to our democracy." She also called him a "sore loser."

Clinton also said she told the women in the 2020 race they could run a great campaign and still get beaten.

"I've tried to tell all the candidates the same thing, but with the women, I say, 'You're probably not going to be treated fairly, don't let it knock you off stride,'" she said.

Clinton has blamed voter suppression for her 2016 loss, once claiming up to 80,000 Wisconsin residents were turned away at the polls because of skin color, age, or "whatever excuse." She also said the Supreme Court striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act led to fewer people being registered to vote in Georgia in 2016 than in 2012. Both claims were false; the Washington Post's fact checker gave Clinton's remarks four "Pinocchios."

Clinton has blamed a wide variety of factors for her loss in 2016, including Russian election interference, Facebook, former FBI director James Comey, the Electoral College, the Democratic National Committee, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), her 2016 primary challenger.

Clinton said she had talked to nearly all of the candidates running, with Sanders among the exceptions. She discusses the Vermont senator in the Hulu documentary, calling him a "career politician" whom "nobody likes" and who "got nothing done."