Clinton: I Didn’t Participate in Email Review, Can’t Guarantee FBI Won’t Find Anything Requiring Explanation

• September 27, 2015 9:54 am


Hillary Clinton couldn't promise Sunday that federal investigators wouldn't find anything in her deleted emails requiring more explanation, telling Meet the Press host Chuck Todd that she didn't actually participate in the process of reviewing them.

News broke this week that the FBI had recovered work-related and personal emails from Clinton's server that she previously said had been deleted.

"Can you say with 100 percent certainty that the deleted emails, that the FBI is not going to find anything in there that's going to cause you to have to explain again?" Todd asked.

"All I can tell you is when my attorneys conducted this exhaustive process, I did not participate," Clinton said. "I did not look at them."

"Why?" Todd asked, in surprise. "I would want to know what emails–Why wouldn't you want to know?"

Clinton claimed it was all in the name of transparency and not looking like she was meddling.

"I wanted them to be as clear in their process as possible," Clinton said. "I didn't want to be looking over their shoulder. If they thought it was work-related, it would go to the State Department. If not, then it would not."

The State Department confirmed Friday it had found an email chain between Clinton and David Petraeus when he was U.S. commander in Afghanistan among work-related emails she had not previously turned over.

Fox News reported on the recovery of the emails:

It was not immediately clear whether all 30,000 messages Clinton said she had deleted from the server had been recovered, but one official told the Times that it had not been difficult to recover the emails that had been found so far.

The FBI is investigating whether classified information that passed through Clinton's so-called "homebrew" server during her time as secretary of state was mishandled. Clinton turned over approximately 30,000 copies of messages she deemed work-related to the State Department this past December. Clinton said earlier this year that the emails she deleted from the private server she kept at her Chappaqua, N.Y., home mostly pertained to personal matters such as her daughter Chelsea’s wedding and the secretary’s yoga routines.