Chris Matthews: There Is in Fact a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to Get Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's statement when she was First Lady that there was a "vast right-wing conspiracy" out to get her husband Bill Clinton has long drawn ridicule, but MSNBC's Chris Matthews said Tuesday such a conspiracy "in fact" exists.

Matthews also scolded the questioner at Monday's CNN town hall who told Clinton to her face that many young people believe her to be dishonest, saying he should have shown more deference to a "major figure in American life."

Speaking with MSNBC daytime host Frances Rivera, Matthews appeared upset that someone would dare suggest that Clinton is dishonest, despite poll after poll showing the majority of the public doesn't trust her.

"Talk about bad manners," Matthews said. "That's pretty nervy for a young person to say that to a major figure in American life like that kid did. Hillary, what's she going to say? I'm not dishonest? She has to back to the motives of those who have raised the questions about her honesty, which is unfortunately for her, very much like when she said back during the Monica days, when she said there's a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get me. But in fact, there is.

"This is the weirdness about politics. It can be that you can also have a problem, but your enemies are going to blow it up out of proportion. That's for sure."

Matthews added the politicians in the race do have "souls" and are affected by the personal attacks against them.