Capehart: Lynch Knows Her Meeting With Clinton Was ‘Disaster of Epic Proportions’ for DOJ

• July 5, 2016 9:06 am


Liberal Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart said Tuesday that Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew her private meeting with Bill Clinton last week was a disaster of "epic proportions" for the integrity of the Department of Justice.

Lynch and Clinton met privately on her plane in what the pair characterized as a chance encounter that solely centered on social matters. However, even the media and Democrats cried foul at the appearance of impropriety, given the ongoing federal investigation of Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server at the State Department.

Capehart, who conducted a friendly interview with Lynch on Friday about the encounter last week at the Aspen Ideas Festival, praised her on MSNBC’s Morning Joe for sitting down for his questions in the middle of the controversy.

"She’s trying to do two things," Capehart said. "One, she’s trying to explain how this process works because she knows this was and remains a disaster of epic proportions when it comes to the independence and the integrity of the Justice Department. She wants everyone to understand how this process is working."

Lynch told Capehart she knew the meeting had "cast a shadow" over the supposed independence of the investigation of Clinton. The Aspen audience cheered on Friday when Capehart moved on from his questioning of Lynch about the meeting.