Brzezinski Rebukes Biden, Dems: Physically Threatening Trump Doesn’t Help

• March 22, 2018 8:35 am


"Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski on Thursday pleaded with Democrats not to threaten physical violence against President Donald Trump, saying, "don’t play into the president’s game."

Brzezinski was responding to former Vice President Joe Biden, who said Tuesday that he would "beat the hell out of Trump" for his past lewd comments about women. Trump fired back Thursday with a tweet that Biden is "weak both mentally and physically" and would "go down fast and hard," and Brzezinski advised Democrats to tone down their rhetoric.

"Joe Biden had some really strong words about beating up the president when he was in high school," Brzezinski said. "I would urge all Democrats to sit back and let the story play out. Don't say things like that, it's not going to help you at this point."

"At this point, the story speaks for itself," she said.

Then she read Trump’s response tweet, in which he also advised Biden not to "threaten people."

Brzezinski also noted porn star Stormy Daniels allegations of "threats" by "somebody close to the president or maybe the president himself," and again advised Democrats not to make any more threats.

"Don't play into the president's game here," Brzezinski said. "Let's just watch this story play out."

Biden is far from the only Democrat or public critic of Trump to have threatened the president physically. Guests on "Morning Joe," such as Donny Deutsch, have done the same, as well as Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), among others.