Black New Yorkers Pan De Blasio and Clinton's Skit: 'Poor Taste, Bull Crap'

April 12, 2016

African-American New Yorkers interviewed by News 12 Bronx Tuesday said a racially-tinged skit performed by Hillary Clinton and New York mayor Bill de Blasio was insensitive and in poor taste.

Footage emerged of de Blasio quipping at Saturday's Inner Circle dinner that he did not endorse Clinton faster because he was on "C.P." time, slang for "colored person" time and meant to imply being late. Clinton then reassured "Hamilton" actor Leslie Odom, who was also part of the skit, that de Blasio meant "cautious politician."

"I think it was in very poor taste," said one man interviewed by News 12 Bronx. "In this day and age, 2016, especially when we have a black president and all we've been through to get where we are, he should just show some respect."

"I think it's bull crap, number one," said an unidentified woman. "I do think he meant colored people time. I appreciate the statement on apologizing, but let's be honest. He meant what he said."

"When you're a politician and you're working, serving the people, you should be more sensitive and think out how other people are going to feel about what your statements are going to be," another man said.

For his part, de Blasio, whose wife is black, said people were missing the point of the skit, which he claimed was meant to turn the stereotype on its head. Clinton told Cosmopolitan the skit was de Blasio's idea when she was asked whether it was appropriate.

The skit's timing was also puzzling given the Clinton campaign's public run-ins with members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who have ripped their support of a tough crime bill in the 1990s. Bill Clinton got into an exchange with protesters last week in Philadelphia, and he later said he regretted that the argument got heated.