ABC: After 452 Days, We're Still Learning More About Clinton Email Scandal

May 26, 2016

ABC political reporter Jonathan Karl pointed out Thursday that 452 days after the Hillary Clinton email scandal broke, revelations are still coming out regarding her private server and handling of classified information.

A brutal report from the State Department's Inspector General released Wednesday slammed Clinton's email practices, directly contradicting her claims that her server was permitted and showing she didn't report hacking attempts.

Former Bill Clinton White House employee and ABC's Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos called it a "tough report."

"The Inspector General calls many of Secretary Clinton's explanations into question, and as Cecilia [Vega] points out, the FBI investigation still looming," he said.

"This has had an effect on her campaign," Karl said. "This story first broke 452 days ago, and yet we're still learning more about her email practices, and George, it is the primary reason why you see in some polls 60 percent and more say they find Hillary Clinton not honest and trustworthy."

Clinton, the frontrunner to win the Democratic presidential nomination, has had consistently abysmal marks on honesty and trustworthiness with voters throughout the scandal. It came to light in March of 2015, one month before she launched her 2016 campaign.

The big question, Karl said, for Clinton's campaign was the ongoing FBI investigation she faces over the server. The campaign has said before this is the most worrisome aspect of her email scandal, since it has no control over that probe. Despite Clinton repeatedly calling the matter a "security review," FBI director James Comey rebuffed that idea earlier this month by saying the bureau does investigations, not reviews.

"Clinton officials says that they are waiting by the phone expecting her to be called in for questioning in that investigation and hope it happens soon, so they can finally put this to bed," Karl said.