2 Vietnams, 8 Pearl Harbors, and 10 September 11s: More Than 165K Americans Dead From COVID in Biden's First 100 Days

April 30, 2021

Today marks President Joe Biden's 100th day in office. It is a milestone that, given his advanced age and declining cognitive health, few expected him to achieve. Vice President Kamala Harris will have to wait a little longer to seize the power she so desperately craves.

Professional journalists and other deranged libs have already anointed Biden the most transformative president since FDR or LBJ. It must be really humiliating for Barack Obama. In praising Biden's first 100 days in office, however, the liberal pundits refuse to acknowledge the blood on the president's hands and the COVID-19 body count that continues to rise.

Although he promised to keep Americans safe from harm, Biden has failed to deliver. More than 165,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 on Biden's watch, at a shocking rate of about 1,650 per day. Biden's COVID-19 death toll is roughly equivalent to

  • 3 Vietnams
  • 38 D-Day landings
  • 55 September 11 attacks
  • 69 Pearl Harbors
  • 982 Oklahoma City bombings


In just 100 days as commander in chief, Biden has presided over a body count equivalent to 2 Vietnams, 8 Pearl Harbors, and 10 September 11s, at a rate equivalent to a 9/11 attack every other day.

Biden failed to take responsibility for the deaths during his long-winded congressional address on Wednesday, in which he thanked politicians, but not health care workers, for helping Americans get COVID-19 vaccinations. He refused to credit former president Donald Trump and Operation Warp Speed, launched almost a year ago to the widespread derision of "scientific experts" who argued Trump's optimism was reckless and could get people killed.

Meanwhile, there is no telling how many people have died as a result of Biden's decision to halt the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The controversial decision was not based on science and needlessly terrified Americans, especially those already hesitant to get vaccinated.

Perhaps the comparison to LBJ, architect of the Vietnam War, is a fitting one after all.