Two of the Biggest Names in Democratic Sexual Deviance Address Party Convention

August 18, 2020

Two of the most powerful names in Democratic sexual deviance were featured back-to-back on the second night of the Democratic National Convention. Caroline Kennedy, the aristocrat daughter of former President John F. Kennedy, and her annoying son Jack Schlossberg addressed the virtual convention on Tuesday, followed immediately by former President Bill Clinton.

Former President Kennedy, as well as his younger brother, former senator and renowned Chappaquiddick motorist Ted Kennedy, were prolific sexual deviants in their day. Both were Democrats, obviously. John was known for sleeping with White House interns and forcing them to satisfy his staff members on demand. In addition to drowning a woman in car, Ted was known for his alcohol-drenched antics and the time he made a "waitress sandwich" with Chris Dodd, who co-chaired Joe Biden's VP selection committee.

Clinton is a legend in his own right, and his name continues to appear in headlines of a sexual misadventures nature. Hours before his address on Tuesday, for example, the Daily Mail published photos of the former president getting massaged by one of Jeffrey Epstein's young victims. Clinton reportedly needed to work out a "kink" while the billionaire pedophile's private plane, aka "The Lolita Express," was refueling in Portugal. He also fooled around with White House interns and has been credibly accused of rape.

Thus far, the Democratic convention has endeavored to portray the party as the defender of women's rights, among other things.