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Creepy Joe Strikes Again

Critics slam Biden's handsy embrace of Eva Longoria at the White House

June 16, 2023

Biden Official Associated With Jeffrey Epstein to Revamp His Agency's Sexual Assault Protocols

CIA director William Burns met with the notorious sex pest after Epstein had registered as a sex offender

May 16, 2023

Joe Biden's #MeToo Problem(s)

POTUS enters reelection campaign with hefty misogynist baggage

May 6, 2023

Hip-Hop Cocktail Party: Liberal Dark Money Group Hosts Concert for Journalists (Feat. 4 Violent Criminals)

Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, and Rick Ross have lengthy rap sheets

April 27, 2023

Female Union Leader Allegedly Threatened Her Husband's Accuser

Democratic San Diego County supervisor Nathan Fletcher is resigning after facing sexual assault accusations

March 31, 2023

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Nom Let Off Domestic Abuser. He Was Later Convicted of Attempted Murder.

Janet Protasiewicz sentenced a serial violent felon to just six months after he broke his wife's face

March 28, 2023

'Three Years Is Not Enough': Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Ignored Victim's Plea To Lock Up Serial Sex Offender

Janet Protasiewicz gave no additional prison time to offender who assaulted underage girl while on parole

March 23, 2023