Tricare Fury

Obama Cuts to Military Health Care Spark Outrage

February 29, 2012

The WFB’s recent report on an Obama administration proposal to slash health care benefits for active duty and retired military has sparked a fierce reaction against the White House from friends of the American military.

The American Action Network, meanwhile, has started a Facebook petition to tell "the president that our men and women in uniform should come before his union cronies."

Here is a taste of what some of our readers had to say about the article:

… Not only does the military have another disincentive for new recruits, but active duty personnel and retirees become a pawn again for the administration’s socio-economic "makeover."  Yet another thing chaplains will be discussing with folks on drill weekends, I think….

Fr. Charles H. Nalls

Washington, D.C.


I am a 20 -ear navy veteran and none of what these people are doing to our military men and women, both active duty and retired, surprises me in the least bit.  All of this is pure politics in the sense that Obama's coveted unionized government workforce will not have to feel the same pain that we will.  Let's hope that Congress does not pass any legislation on this and God willing, we'll be rid of Obama soon!

Mr. Kelly Bunch

SBC (retired)

College Station, TX


I would like to point out that retirees are just coming off of a 3-year pay freeze. Civilians and Active Duty had Cola increases.

Also, the recent requirement of ObamaCare that kids remain on parents’ insurance DID NOT include Tricare, so retirees that were helping their children had to purchase separate insurance for them.

It seems the Military is already doing more than there fair share.

Michael Mainello

USA, Retired

Roswell, NM


I am an active duty wife of 16 years strong, also grew up in a retired military household.  My husband retires from active duty this year, dedicating his life, family, and livelihood to the military. We don’t live the glorious life people think we do. We must live on a budget, whether both of us work or not. Active or retired, we were promised a certain plan. We live day by day on that plan. Obama is not keeping the promise that the government agreed to every time my husband reenlisted. I am very sad to think my husband served all these years for a president to do this. I as a mother and wife do hope and pray that this is stopped. We have given up so much just to have and give that feeling to our country. Thank you for your article, it is very informative.

Delores Carver

Yuma, AZ


Great article and thanks for the insight. When I was in the Army (1988-2008) I found it odd that when cuts came, the civilian support personnel seemed to skate through the cuts unscathed. … The hypocrisy from within … telling military personnel to tighten their belts, while the civilian contractors and their corporate sponsors get rich, makes me lose faith in a system I supported for so many years.

Dave Corbin

Seattle, WA