Hillary’s Health Scare, Revisited

Questions about Hillary Clinton’s physical health have prompted a reexamination of the concussion-related scare she suffered in 2012, a Free Beacon analysis has determined.

After embarking on her underwhelming book tour, Clinton has sought to dismiss questions about her health by joking that 44-year-old Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has had several sports-related concussions. She suggested this was similar to a very old person (66) suffering a concussion after fainting, and later being hospitalized with a potentially life-threatening blood clot in her brain. Clinton insisted that the lingering effects of the health scare—dizziness, double vision—have “dissipated.”

The timeline of Clinton’s health scare seems to raise more questions than it answers.

The REAL REASON Liberals Are ‘Madder Than Hell’ About the VA Healthcare Scandal

Barack Obama speaks on Obamacare

President Obama is “madder than hell” about the long-running scandal in the Veterans Affairs healthcare system. He finally addressed the issue publicly on Wednesday. His liberal allies, meanwhile, would also like everyone to know that the scandal is a “serious problem,” but perhaps not as troubling as the fact that REPUBLICANS HATE VETERANS.

7.1 Million, In Context

Obamacare supporters celebrated Tuesday when the Obama administration announced that, according to the Obama administration, 7.1 million people have “signed up for private insurance plans” via the government-run health-care exchanges.

Meanwhile, the smattering of conventional liberals who comprise the target audience for General Electric’s Vox.com turned to their Juicebox-powered oracles for “crucial context” regarding the announcement and the “deeper meaning” behind the 7.1 million figure. But it was nowhere to be found.

That failure is 100% on them as writers; that is entirely their fault. Fortunately, the Washington Free Beacon has the piping hot context you crave:

Menendez: Liar

Sen. Robert Menendez’s claims that President Obama’s health care reform provides $250 million in savings over its first 10 years and $1.2 trillion over its second decade have been rated “mostly false” by Politifact, a nonpartisan fact checking website.

Two-Thirds of America: Throw Obamacare Out

Almost two-thirds of Americans believe the Supreme Court, which is scheduled to hear oral arguments about the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act beginning next week, should declare at least part of the health care law unconstitutional, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.