CNN's Jake Tapper Demolishes PLO Spokeswoman

Lying PLO Mouthpiece Has No Grasp of Facts

CNN’s Jake Tapper thoroughly demolished and exposed as a liar one of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s foremost purveyors of propaganda Thursday during a tense interview.

Tapper invited former PLO spokeswoman and legal advisor Diana Buttu to explain why Hamas is launching terror rockets and trying to kill Israeli citizens.

Buttu attempted to push several lies about the conflict, but was quickly shot down by Tapper.

"Why is Hamas launching rockets into Israeli population centers and are any other Palestinians trying to stop them from doing so?" Tapper asked.

Buttu attempted to skirt the question and claim that the Palestinians have sought a ceasefire, which is untrue. Hamas has rebuffed multiple Israeli attempts to end hostilities.

"Okay. I'm glad you got out your talking points there," Tapper responded to Buttu’s disinformation. "Let's get back to my question: Why is Hamas launching missiles into population centers of Israel? And are any other Palestinians trying to stop them from doing so?"

Buttu could not truthfully answer the question, inaccurately stating: "There have been attempts to try to stop all of this, but the fact of the matter is that the Israelis have indicated that they are not interested in brokering a cease fire or seeing any cease fire take shape whatsoever."

Butto refused to admit that Hamas leaders are ordering Palestinians to ignore Israeli warnings and be intentionally killed in airstrikes.

"We have video of the Hamas spokesman on television telling people to stay in their homes, that it's an effective way to make sure, to fight off the Israelis. That's not racist. That's just a fact," Tapper said.

Buttu again deflected the question, prompting Tapper to explain how Hamas promotes a "culture of martyrdrom."

"There is a culture of martyrdom we hear about all the time. The horrific incident of [murdered Arab teen] Mohammed Khdeir being killed and the three Israelis being killed, whoever killed the three Israelis will have streets named after them and get money from Hamas and outside groups for killing the Israelis."

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